Wednesday, October 05, 2005


What a Great Day!

The inaugural TTC Knit-A-Long was a tremendous success, and I think it's safe to say that a good time was had by all. Thanks to all the store owners for their hospitality and generosity. Haley from Knitomatic deserves a special shout-out for the amazing gift bags she put together for us, as does Lorena from The Naked Sheep for throwing us a little party at the end of the day.
Some of our knitters are also bloggers, and you can take a look at their photos and their stories from the day:

I don't have any photos from the Romni leg of the day -- so if anyone has some that they'd like to add, drop me a line and I'll throw them up here.

The West team met at the Forest Hill Loblaws Marche bright and early, and given how bright the sun was up there we knew the weather would hold up. Most of us had never met before, but we whipped out our needles and pretty soon we had a good-sized gaggle of knitters headed off to Knitomatic.

We all crammed into the store and started touching all the yarn in sight. What else would one expect us to do? Haley even had gift bags for us, with energy-boosting candy, a ball of Schoeller-Stahl Merino Stretch, and an armwarmer pattern.

Next stop: Lettuce Knit, to meet up with the North Team and seek out lunch in Kensington Market.

We spent a lovely lunch hour sitting outside eating, knitting, and chatting. At least four people bought the Alchemy Promise sweater kit -- all in different colors, no less -- so a couple months from now, expect a few of our TTC Knitters to be sporting gorgeous fluffy kid mohair weaters.

What was great: all the food options, the glorious sunshine, and the sheer decadence of knitting outside in the sunshine in October.

What was not so great: being bombarded by the spiky chestnut bombs of doom.
Two knitters were hit in the head by these, and they made us good and paranoid. Throughout the rest of the day, people were pulling chestnuts out of their bags.

And yet, no one got up to leave. Which is testament to the spell that a lovely afternoon at Lettuce Knit can cast over 15 yarn-mad knitters!

After lunch (and a quick bathroom/coffee/bead detour on Queen Street), we hopped on the streetcar to head out to The Beaches. Correction: first we waited for the streetcar for a very long time. But we had no trouble passing the time:

Being able to knit standing up is a good thing!

The trek out to The Beaches went a lot faster than anticipated -- kudos to the TTC for efficiency, although no one got as much knitting done as they had anticipated! We eventually took over the entire back section of the streetcar.

Liz Clayton was going to re-group with us en route to The Naked Sheep, so Beryl gave her a call on her cell phone once we were on the streetcar. The conversation (from Beryl's end) went something like this:

"Hi Liz, it's Beryl, we're just on the streetcar now. You're what? You're in a cab? You're following us?.... Oh! We see you!!!"

Liz had just missed us at the Parliament stop and jumped into a cab to chase the streetcar down Queen Street. She finally caught up with us somewhere in Leslieville, and well, let's just say that the streetcar operator had no idea a bunch of knitters could be so rowdy.

Our last official stop of the day: Naked Sheep, where Lorena and Denny had cookies and munchies for us, Charlie the dog was in fine form, and we had some celebratory champagne.

A couple people may or may not have bought a crazy amount of Noro. And a couple of these people may or may not have been Noro virgins up to this point.

Also, a certain freelance journalist may or may not have bought two incredibly decadent skeins of HandMaiden silk, with which she is going to knit the most beautiful lace capelet.

Shelna was the winner of the TTC Knit-A-Long Finished Object prize:

After things wound down at The Naked Sheep, a few of us headed over to Murphy's Pub for restorative beers and fried foods. And of course, the first thing the six of us did was lay out all our booty from the day and contemplate the goodness. We ordered some beers and some food, and continued knitting into the night. There was a brief interruption when we had to move inside once the sun went down. As Jen so eloquently put it, "Ironically, we're surrounded by $2000 worth of yarn and yet we're freezing our tits off".

And that was the Great TTC Knit-A-Long. Watch this space, or join the mailing list for updates, because we are definitely doing this again!

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I literally let out a gasp when I saw this page. Born and raised in Toronto, I take the TTC everywhere I love knitting and I regularly knit on the streetcar! My sister and I will def be there for the next one!
How did I not know about this!!! I am coming undoubtedly to the next one. Sounds like a blast!
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