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The TTC Knit-A-Long Spring Fling: May 13

Calling all knit rabble:





Saturday May 13th, 2006

What is it?

The Spring Fling is a fantasmagorical day where fibre artists from acrossToronto gather for a day of "Knitting in Public (KIP) and Stash Enhancement Adventures."

There will be two starting points: the ever so elegant Passion Knit at Yonge and Lawrence, and the edgy Knit Café at Queen and Ossington.

From these points the knitters will take over any TTC vehicle we encounter, groove to spring tunes, knit, crochet and yes even spin, and set out in search of the perfect yarn at our city's best LYS, including Fab Haley's Knitomatic, Lettuce Knit with their spectacular Koigu collection, the Grande Dame of yarn stores Romni Wools, and end up at Nabe Fave the Naked Sheep in the Beaches where we will toast knitting and TO.

A TTC Knit-A-Long passport can be purchased for $10.00 at your LYS, or from the TTC Knit-A-Long route captains on the day of the event. The passport will includes:

Some stores are also offering additional discounts to passport holders on the day of the event. Knitters will be asked to purchase a passport, and a TTC day pass.

There will even be prizes for “First Finished Object”, “Most Original Object” and Wittiest Knitticism. Jen Hendricks won the Knit-a-Long’s Fall Crawl’s Knitticism prize with the quip: “We’re surrounded by $2000 worth of yarn and we’re still freezing our tits off!” (Hey we were all sitting on a patio and it was October!)

When is it?
Saturday May 13th, starting at 9 am

The North Team will meet at the Starbuck's at Yonge and Lawrence before heading off to Passion Knit and Knitomatic.

The West Team will meet at the Drake Cafe before heading to the Knit Cafe and Romni.

Both teams will meet up at Lettuce Knit in Kensington Market around lunchtime to eat, shop, knit, and perhaps even pick up some beads on Queen Street (remember Lily Chin’s Knit and Crochet with Beads?) before getting on the Queen car and heading off to the Naked Sheep in the Beach.

This sounds great. How can I help?

As a knitter: tell your friends, we welcome crocheters and spinners too! Or volunteer – we will need people to act as route DJs and Route Captain to help with other logistics.

As an LYS: help us sell the passports and promote the event. But most of all – get ready to host a horde of stash-mad knitters!

As a transit rider or environment or other community group; help us promote the event to your members, we want to get everyone reclaiming this public space of ours!

As a local official or union member; join us and learn how to knit, it’s a transformative experience.

As media: come join our event and see what a zany but civic minded bunch we are.

There are two ways to register for the TTC Knit-A-Long:

  1. Send an email to, with the following information:
    • Your name
    • Your contact information (email/phone number)
    • Which team you want to be on (West/North)
    • UPDATE: Whether or not you will be attending the TTC Knit-A-Long dinner/wrap party (some brightly-lit, knit-friendly restaurant in the Beaches, exact location TBD)
  2. AFTER APRIL 21: Purchase a passport at one of the participating yarn stores, and fill out the sign-up sheet.
Stay tuned to this site for more information and updates. To receive email updates on the TTC Knit-A-Long and related events, you can join the mailing list at

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