Thursday, May 04, 2006


Knittable Fashion Trends from Knit -O-Matic

Survive the 80s Style Revival

Some tips from Fab Haley on this season's knittable fashion trends. And PS -- the Knitomatic spring sale is on till May 15, we'll still be able to take advantage of it on Knit-A-Long day!

Expect for Spring & Summer...

  1. Let your layers hang out! Full length shirts peep out under from under half length sleeves, a cropped vest over a tunic & pants. My fave is a really cool Madonna redux the local teens are wearing: a skirt that hits mid thigh over legging-tights that come to the bottom of your calf with ballet flats. Beatnik chic.
  2. Deep-V necks are back, updated & fitted this time around.
  3. Pictures are back, keep them big & simple. To keep it flattering chart your fave picture on the back of a simple hoodie.
  4. Crochet, crochet, crochet. Crochet.
And for Fall & Winter...
  1. Urban Urchin elegance. Hipsters from the back streets of Montreal wear retro inspired Value Village deluxe. Big collars, zippered sweater jackets, half length sleeves layered over full length shirts. Grab some Phildar's books from the last few years and you'll be in full swing.
  2. Orientalism, eastern influences in a blender. Think tunics, Nehru collars, eastern folk prints & retro eastern patterns, shaggy Siberian fur collars and cuffs.
  3. Historicism, if it's really old it's really now! It also translates into renaissance lacing, ruffles & bows, empire waists, Victorian puffy shoulders, puffy sleeves that are tied in at the bottom), 19th century military jackets.
  4. Folk Redux, or ski sweaters run amok! If you've been meaning to learn fair-isle colour knitting this is your opportunity!
  5. Vintage Secretary Chic. Brigitte Bardot style with wide cowls and collars and fitted silhouettes, very sexy, but you're covered from head to toe. Perfect for the Canadian climate!
  6. 60s cutie-pie Whimsy. Picture Goldie Hawn circa 1968 in a baby doll and a confused look on her face, a living kewpie doll. Lots of frills & lace in tunic length garments.
  7. Slouchy. Bigger fits get a bottom-heavy, lazy, luxe look. Wide bottom sleeves, wide off the shoulder collars, sexy deep v-necks, all in luxe, touchable fibres.

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