Thursday, May 04, 2006


Third Team: Central

Due to the overwhelming response, we've started a third team for the Knit-A-Long. The Central Team will meet at the Marche cafe at Forest Hill Loblaws (St. Clair & Bathurst) and start at Knitomatic. They will rendezvous with the West Team at Romni as their second stop. Hey -- Romni can take it, I'm sure of it.

If you're already signed up for the West or North teams and would like to switch to Central, send an email to ttcknit.register[at]

So in summary, the updated schedule for the day is:

The schedule is unfortunately not going to be updated in the passports, as they've already been printed, but the team captains will know all the ins and outs.

Happy KIP-ing! See you all next Saturday!

ah, que c'est belle!
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