Wednesday, October 18, 2006


More Reasons to Pre-Register for the third TTC Knit-A-Long

There are a few good reasons to pre-register for the TTC Knit-A-Long. Registering ahead of time is completely optional -- feel free to meet up with us at any of the three morning rendezvous, or en route. However, pre-registration helps us gauge what the turnout will be and helps keeps us organized and prepared, and also present a couple of tangible benefits to you:

  1. A pre-printed TTC Knitting in Public Guild membership card.
  2. The opportunity to pre-order t-shirts ($25) or buttons ($2).
  3. If you're joining the North team, Alterknits has generously offered to host breakfast for us, so with headcount we can be sure to have enough pastries, coffees, and perhaps even mini-quiches for everyone!
  4. Some of the stores have mentioned they might be putting together goodie bags for people who pre-register. No, I won't tell you which stores are doing this, but if you already know you're coming out next Saturday and you know which team you want to be on, why not take 10 seconds to send us an email on the off chance that it'll get you a fabulous loot bag from one of the participating stores?
Cheers to all, and the passport should be coming soon.

is there a spot wherein we might see these t-shirts & buttons?
The t-shirts are black baby doll shirts with a logo on them. You can see the logo at

As for the buttons, I don't have a sample photo to show, but it's a small red button that says "The Great TTC Knit-A-Long" on it in white text. We will have some for sale on the day of, if you want to wait to see them first.
Hi Vivienne,

I enjoyed my first KAL. I went, I shopped, I conquered!

What happened to the breakie that Alter Knits was going to host? There were several knitters at my table who were under the impression that there was going to be mini-quiches or something. The owner looked at me like I was from Mars when I asked her about it.
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