Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Knit-A-Long III: The Round-Up

UPDATE: new links added below with more photos from the Knit-A-Long.

Good things about the third TTC Knit-A-Long: We had a stunning turnout (45!), a rolicking good time, and I made some new friends.

Bad things about the TTC Knit-A-Long: I can no longer ignore the pressing reality of the dreaded Christmas Knitting (doom...dooom!). Also, both Beryl and I have been felled by some kind of TTC Knit Organizers' cold of death.

However, many of our happy Knit-A-Long'ers, not struggling under weight of illness and impulsively-purchased Manos, have been writing about the day and posting photos:

From the North team:

From the West team:

From the East team:

More to come!


I was on the East team. I don't mind being put with the West team. Just wanted to clarify.
Is there an event like this in 2008?
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