Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Knit-A-Long Map

Here's the map of Saturday's routes (click for close-up):

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Announcing: The Great TTC Knit-A-Long

CALLING ALL Knitsters who KIP:

The "Hipster, Knitter, Rocket Riders' Rabble", wants you to on it's first ever TTC-A-LONG, Saturday October 1st from 10:00am until 6:00.

Two groups of Knitsters are needed:

One group to meet at the Forest Hill Loblaws Marche with needles in hand to quaff coffee and descend on Knito-matic where Fab Haley has the most sumptuous fall yarns, in an amazing array of colour.

Another group meet also with needles in hand to meet Vienna Bakery to scope out deals at Romni. At both stores, we will be getting a 10% discount with our Knit-a-Long Rabble Cards.

From there, the two groups will grab the closest bus, street car or subway and meet up for lunch in Kensington Market where we can nosh while visiting Lettuce Knit to see Megan's lastest selection of "snacky," luxury fibres.

After lunch, we'll hop the Spadina LRT to Queen Street where we'll crank up the tunes and KIP with a vengence on the Queen car all the way to the Naked Sheep where we can ooh and ahh over the Lorena's collection of Noro and her lastest yarn find "Be Sweet" while sipping bubbly. (Lorena is a member of Team Knitty who will be Running for the Cure on Sunday October 2nd's so let's send her off in style!)

There will also be a prize from Crystal Palace Yarns for the first project completed on the Knit-A-Long and yes, weaving in ends counts, especially if there are 288 of them.

Cost: TTC Day Pass plus $7.50 for your Hipster, Knitter, Rocket Rider's Rabble Card and TTC Map with the City's Best LYSs.

To register: Email ttcknit@gmail.com with the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Your email address (or phone number)
  3. Which team you want to be on (North or West)

Alternatively, talk to either Vivienne Suen or Beryl Tsang for more information or if you don't want to register via email for some reason.

If you have questions or would like to volunteer to help out, send an email to ttcknit@gmail.com or leave a comment here on the site.

BTW: Some favourite KIP spots near our favourite LYSs are San Korean Restaurant, Vienna Home Bakery, Habitat, King's Vegetarian, and Pain Perdu. If you know of others please let us know!

Note that the TTC Knit-a-long is also a Car Free Day event. For more information on Car Free Day,


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