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Details on the day! (includes passport link)

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Saturday June 9th, 2007 is International Knit in Public Day and those crazy fibre fashionistas will once again be taking to the subways, streetcars and buses of Toronto?

Why KIP? According to Jacquie Blackman of the Toronto Knit Collective, “Knitters have rights! They’ve been hiding in their yarn stash for far too long it’s time to take knitting to the streets.”

Katherine Hajer of the Toronto Knit Rabble adds, “Knitting in public teaches children where socks, sweaters and toques really come from. Contrary to popular mythology, it’s not the mall!”

Riding on the success of their three previous knit-a-longs the Knit Rabble is inviting hip, funky and ironic knitters of every shape, size and colour for their second Spring Fling—a fantasmagorical day of “Stash Enhancement Adventures” (a.k.a. yarn shopping).

The brainchild of Knit Blogger Vivienne Suen and Knitwear Designer Beryl Tsang, of Tit-Bits fame, the Great TTC Knit-A-Long seeks to reclaim public space while celebrating craft and art. Knitters wishing to join the Knit Rabble can start their day at one of three locations: the vibrant Village Yarns at Bloor and Royal York, the latte-fuelled Alterknit St.Clair or the ever-so-elegant Passion Knit at Yonge and Lawrence. From there they will “Ride the Rocket” and hit the city’s best independent yarn stores, including Fab Haley’s Knitomatic; the Grande Dame of them all, Romni Wools; the funky Lettuce Knit and the new kid on the block Americo. The Rabble will be wrapping up the day in the Beach at “nabe fave” the Naked Sheep, where rumour has it champagne and treats and maybe Knitting Royalty will be waiting.

Schedule for 9 June


West team: "Go West, Ye Knitters, Go West"
10:00 Village Yarns
11:30 Romni Wools
12:30 Lettuce Knit

North team: N X NE
9:00 Starbucks near Passion Knit
10:00 Passion Knit
11:30 Knitomatic
1:00 Lettuce Knit

Central team: The Central Committee
9:00 Alterknit -- light breakfast menu available (including waffles!) -- see menu for pricing
10:30 Knitomatic
12:00 Lettuce Knit


All teams
Lunch in Kensington Market, Americo, Art on Beads
Commandeer Street Car and KIP to the Naked Sheep for the After Party

To register contact the Knit Rabble at The Great TTC Knit-A-Long Passport can be downloaded from the Knit Rabble here. Registration includes:

There will even be prizes for “First Finished Object”, “Most original Object”, Yarnorexia, “Wittiest Knitticism” and “Needs a Sherpa.”

Don't forget that there is a $2 registration fee and you will need to have a valid TTC Day Pass (or a Monthly Pass, tokens, or lots o' loose change).

Rumour has it that a film crew may also be following us!

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