Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Yarn Id and Knitting Super Ego

Yes there is such a thing as yarnoholism. In a recent therapy session the following transpired. BTW: I'm not the yarnohol, I'm the therapist.


Me: Natalia, what would you and your mother Anne like to discuss with me today.

Natalia: Well I think that my mum really needs to deal with her umm, habit, you know.

Me: Actually I don't. (Knitting)

Natalia: My mum is a yarnoholic. I've been to yarnateen, and they tell me that I must let her take responsibility for her own life, if she doesn't sleep all night because she's trying to finish a shrug, I'm not to call her office and say that she's sick when she's really yarnover.

Anne: I thought that knitting in moderation would be good for me. I've gone to a few guided self change sessions, with professional help, you know to try to cut down and be in a supportive environment. How was I to know they would all turn out to be enablers? But we're really committed to communing with the higher power.

Natalia: I don't buy your story that Romni Wools is a higher power.

Anne: Well, they have a cashmere section, doesn't that count for anything?

Natalia: You have a problem, mum!

Anne: I don't have a problem, I just knit too much. It's cold out and I need sweaters.

Natalia: (Rolling eyes) You're in denial mum.

Anne: I am not an addict,I managed not to knit for one whole day. I can stop any time I want. I just won't finish anything if I do. We will be overrun with UFOs and then where would we live? Do you want Fritz to be homeless?

Natalia: (Rolling eyes again) Isn't there a residential program she can go to?

Me: Yes, but they make you crochet instead.

Natalia: Arghhhh!

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