Thursday, October 05, 2006


Join the knit-a-long for less than the cost of a TTC cash fare...

Double, double toil and trouble, knitters knit and yarn stores bubble. Did you know that knitting can be diabolical? Yes and to prove how crafty we can be the Toronto Knit Rabble will take to haunting Toronto's finest yarn stores on Saturday October 28th in our first ever TTC Halloween Knit A Long.

Knit yourself an outrageous costume or come dressed as your favourite, project (rumour has it that one of the organizers is coming as Clapotis), I am personally coming as "leftover stash."

There will be three starting points: the New Kid on the Block, Alterknit at 1024 St.Clair West (at Oakwood), the edgy Knit Café at Queen and Ossington, and of course our Nabe fave, the Naked Sheep in the Beach.

From these points we'll take over any TTC vehicle we encounter and trick TTC Operators into believing that we can work miracles just by rubbing two pointy sticks and yarn together, while we treat our fellow zombies (err I mean passengers) to an ongoing monologue about the beauty of our art. (I curse those who imply that there is something wrong with "staying home and knitting on Friday nights."—yes I'm talking about you Belinda—may your expensive cashmere pill!)

In between we'll hit the city's best LYS, including Fab Haley's Knitomatic, the Grande Dame of yarn stores Romni Wools, and end at the funky Lettuce Knit where we can stock up on yummy sock yarn before knitting, dining and dancing at a local hot spot yet to be named. (Suggestions welcome!)

TTC Knit A Long Passports are $2.00 each and can be downloaded from our blogspot at:

Passports include:

There will also be prizes for:
When is it?
Saturday October 28th, starting at 10 am

The North Team will start their hauntings at Alterknitat St. Clair and Oakwood for breaky before heading off to Knitomatic and Romni.

The West Team will mummify at the Drake Cafe before heading to the Knit Cafe and Romni.

The East Team will rise from the grave at the Naked Sheep before heading to Romni

All teams will meet up at Lettuce Knit in Kensington Market in the late afternoon shop, knit, and perhaps even pick up some beads on Queen Street.

This sounds great. How can I help?

As a knitter: tell your friends, we welcome crocheters and spinners too! Or volunteer – we will need people to act as route DJs and Route Captain to help with other logistics.

As an LYS: help us promote the event. But most of all – get ready to host a horde of stash-mad knitters!

As a transit rider or environment or other community group; help us promote the event to your members, we want to get everyone reclaiming this public space of ours!

As media: come join our event and see what a zany but civic minded bunch we are.

To join download our passport and send an email to with the following information:

I'm trying to figure out how to download the passport - I just keep coming back to the same blog page.
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